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How To Build A Relationship With Your Computer

Posted by: NoAdware Team on May 11, 2010

Some people think that the computer should obey them – they just bought a computer so now they sit and stare at it waiting for the computer to obey everything they wish happens!

The number one method to enjoy using your PC (stands for Personal Computer) better is to NOT treat it as your slave. Instead the computer and human should work together not separately. If you work together with your computer instead of ‘being the boss’ you’ll find out it’s easier to use.

Your computer is much like a new technology you just bought – if you buy a playstation you’ll probably want to read the manual to know how to use it. But how many people read the computer manual?

NO ONE! Why? Because it’s long and boring.

However the first thing to do if you have a question, issue or problem is to visit the Help Section on your computer. Click Start, then click on Help and Support.

You’ll be amazed how many tutorials, tips and that kind of thing exist that you can easily understand. There is some complicated stuff but there are many easy to understand tutorials as well.

Windows Vista the latest system has also Videos that help you understand how to use your computer! Here’s how to watch these videos:

Here’s step by step how to find these videos that’s on your computer (if you have Windows Vista)!

Open Control Panel by going to Start >> Control Panel

Click on System and Maintenance

Then click on Welcome Center

Then click on the small link that says: Show all 14 items

Then double click on Windows Vista demos.

Then a window opens with videos on how to use your computer. I recommend you watch these videos attentively because you’ll learn a lot. Learning how to use your computer has many advantages:

* You’ll enjoy using your computer more…

* You’ll be able to fix computer problems yourself

*You’ll know how to do things that your friends don’t know :)

And so much more, so make your computer a friend, treat him well. Anyway point is to stay calm when using your computer and work together with him. Computer gives you feedback and talks with you by showing you messages. Whenever you see a message read it carefully. That’s how you communicate with your computer. After a bit of time you get used to the messages and you’ll start feeling better and getting used to it.

Seriously here’s one video demo about windows vista that you’ll find on your computer by following the instructions I gave you above:

So I hope you find this post useful and fun also since it’s helpful for you and your health in case you’re always getting angry or throwing objects to your PC when it does not obey you! :) I know because I used to do that and learned the lesson the hard way.

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