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How To Fix Icon Red Exclamation Marks

How To Fix Icon Red Exclamation Marks

Some people report having their desktop icons with a red exclamation mark in them. Like this:

Here’s how to fix this issue.

This problem is usually created by a software on your computer that is used to backup your files. For example Mozy Software. So if you have Mozy Software or any other backup software, tool or utility go to the settings of that software. Let’s see for example the Mozy Software.

Open Mozy Configuration and go to the Options screen, then click on General and uncheck the option that says:

Show backup status icon on files and folders

Here’s a screenshot:

Click image to zoom in

Now if you have another backup software not Mozy just do the same thing, go to the settings or options of the particular software – and find out if there’s a similar option. You’ll see changes instantly, the icons get back to normal instantly.

From time to time on this blog I do post about issues people have and how to fix them. This is one of them. People will search everywhere to find the solutions to such problems, hopefully they’ll end up reading this post through a Google Search maybe.

Thank You

How To Fix Icon Red Exclamation Marks

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  1. Shayne Scurlock says:

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  2. Karl Sultana says:

    Hi Shayne,

    Who cares? The comment was spam – it had 2 links I manually removed them :) lol


  3. Jhoecannon says:


    You’re right – I was looking everywhere on how to fix this problem. I wasn’t sure what was causing it. Finally, I found you on Yahoo – not Google.

    Problem finally solved!

    The next time I have a problem, I’ll be back to this site. I’m saving your RSS.


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