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False Spyware Alerts

Posted by: NoAdware Team on April 20, 2011

False Spyware Alerts

Let me put this straight: All anti spyware or anti virus software produce false alerts. In fact some software like Avast have a build in feature called: Report False Alarm.

No software is 100% perfect. That’s the reason sometimes when you install a genuine software or program your anti spyware or anti virus software might warn you it has a spyware or virus.

Sometimes it happens and it’s quite boring especially if you’re sure the thing is genuine and contains no spyware or virus.

My recommendation: If that happens I suggest you ask someone to be 100% certain, because prevention is better than cure.

Don’t blame your anti spyware or anti virus software, although it’s their fault, their mistake. There ARE ways to prevent your anti spyware or anti virus software from displaying these alerts.

You have to look at the help files if you don’t know how to do this or ask the product support.

For instance NoAdware™ has the Ingore List feature. Let’s say a program is being identified as spyware and maybe NoAdware™ is not allowing you to use this program. Just add it to the Ignore List and NoAdware™ will not bother you anymore. After a scan right click on any item and simple select:Ignore this item.

However like I previously said: make 100% sure the item is clean from anything like spyware.

When sh** like this happens, it’s boring that’s why great customer service will be “God Sent” at times like those.

On this note I would like to mention something very similar to these false spyware alerts. Yet this is completely different.

I’m talking about Fake Spyware Software. I won’t go into detail here, but just say they’re software you download from the Internet that are basically spyware (the opposite of what you think they are). So yes, download a reputable program if you want to be SAFE. Most fake spyware are (how can it be otherwise?) free.

So there you have it. Customer service is truly an important feature of any anti spyware or anti virus product you download. Most free spyware software don’t provide good customer service. The most they provide is a forum where other “experts” (members of any age, background and knowledge… omg) try to help you. I think that’s customer s**ks service not customer service.

Real customer service is when you have a Certified IT Professional helping you one on one, with step by step instructions and solve your problem as easy as pie.

So careful!

False Spyware Alerts

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