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How To Gain 10 or 25 GB of FREE Hardrive Space!

Posted by: NoAdware Team on August 7, 2013

Here’s a way to remove 10gb or even more of free disk space with one mouse click.

You probably have used Disk Cleanup before; what you haven’t used though may be the Clean Up of System Restore and Shadow Copies.

Before I explain what this is here’s how to find this feature:

Type Disk Cleanup in search box of Windows or go to Control Panel under Maintenance Options…

Once Disk Cleanup launches click on More Options at the top…


Now click on Cleanup under the section that says System Restore and Shadow Copies


To use this cleanup feature just click on Clean up… and select OK!

Your computer creates system restore backups, many of them so you can then restore your computer to a state when it used to work fine, if something goes wrong.

However your computer creates these restore points as they are called regularly and they take up a lot of space. What this cleanup feature does is erase all these restore points apart from the last one (the most recent one).

So this cleanup feature is especially useful if your hard drive has very little space left in it, usually this feature can remove even up to 25 gb of space! So try it out…

Check out how much space your hardrive has left, (by right clicking on Drive C and selecting properties) then use this cleanup feature and see how much free space you gained.


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