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April 12, 2009

Generate Strong Password

Generate Strong Password

You want to create strong passwords, means passwords that are hard to guess. On the Internet there are all sorts of tools to "crack" and thieves with programs and software that they use to figure out other people's passwords.

You want a strong password - not any password.

So how do you create a strong password which is hard to guess?

First of all rule 1 is to make it a habit to change your password every now and then. Don't just create a password and that's it. Change it again and again after some time.

A strong password, should have the following:

It must be long, the longest possible.
It must contain numbers
It must contain letters
It must contain letters in CAPS
It must contain punctuation like !@##$@%

Note also:
It must not be something familiar with you like your name, or any word you can find in the dictionary. It should make no sense.

So that's what is should contain.

You want to combine those all together.

Now some websites won't allow you to use punctuation or numbers maybe. That's fine, just use the others. So of course if there's some instructions read them.

But for a strong password it should contain those criteria.

Some other important to info to know about passwords is:

Never save the passwords on your computer. If you want to save them on computer use a tool like Password Safe from: (it's free).

If you have a browser that can save passwords for you so it automatically autofills them for you I suggest you don't make use of this feature. Especially on important accounts you have; those where you enter your credit card information for example. For some forum you've joined it may be OK to let the browser save the password so it gets autofilled. But for maximum safety for others don't do it.

There's no need to mention, you should know that you should not give the password to anyone, or let anyone see you typing it.

I would also suggest to not make use of those tools you can find online that will automatically generate a password for you. Don't use them.

So keep in mind a strong password is REALLY required especially on the Internet. If you use a tool that tells you what people are searching most online (in search engines like Google) related to the word password, you find that there are tons of people who are looking for ways to "crack" passwords. Crack means steal, or get to know passwords of other people.

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Generate Strong Password



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