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2006 - 2017

Posted by: NoAdware Team on November 28, 2014

This guy is driving me nuts, it’s Wizard101, it’s free to play though you’re limited several unless you become a paid member for a very small yearly fee.

Wizard 101 is a role play game it has won countless awards, with about 50,000,000 members (that’s 50 million members) and it has been online for close to a decade.

Game features:

  • First of all it’s suitable for kids or adults – and it will work on your machine guaranteed! In fact the reason why they have so many members is because it does not require special computers or the latest graphics cards – any good computer is enough…

  • Graphics, scenary is just amazing as well.

  • This is not just a game it’s an entire universe, they call it the Spiral – there are countless planets in this universe. You create your own character in game and go on in epic adventures in each of these planets – no content has been updated on almost a monthly basis for the last 6-10 years – this game doesn’t get old it’s like wine!

  • Although there are 50,000,000 members you won’t see another character like yours, because the customization features are countless – from hats, robes, weapons, mounts, hair stlyes, colors, shoes, and all sorts of pets to accompany you.

Dragons, fairies, bad witches, vampires and pretty much all fantasy characters are included in this game – the objective of the game is to complete tasks, and simple live in the Spiral!

If you want a new life as a wizard or witch in a new world join this game!

You’ll then be able to live in your own castle/s have your own pet dragon (there are hundreds of pets and even hybrids to choose from), fight off enemies with magical powers and duels and imrpove your skills and power by advancing through levels (up to a 100) each time earning new spells and additional powers.

The game has so many features and complexity that you will find something to do even if you’ve been playing it for the last 5 years!

Here’s some more features: Gardening, fishing, buying and selling items for gold, go into dungeons fighting off battles in amazing stories and story lines…

The game has an amazing storyline that makes it so much realistic.

You can fight off evil wizards, evil witches, rescue and save entire worlds and so forth.

If you want to join and become my friend in the game (to be able to chat with me) go to:

Wizard 101 is like a fine wine, it gets better with age.

From the time I joined (about 7 months ago) here are the new features:

  • New magic type, called dark magic for level 100 wizards

  • New mounts, new pets, halloween dungeons and at the time of right this about 4 new dungeons (which are a complex storyline adventure) to celebrate their 50,000,000 member count.

  • They also continued releasing a second part of a high level map called Khrysalis, currently I’m playing in Celestia an underwater world filled with awesome looking sharks and a huge amount of other fish species and variety that I’d have to battle…

  • Plus fishing and much more minor features…

One thing I love most though is that they give away free stuff often, in fact I got free mounts (which you use to move faster like a flying broom or a big-red dragon), free crowns and gold (used to buy exclusive items) and many more…

So if you want a really enteratining and fun game that you can play from the comfort of your home, relaxed without too much skill or though needed (unlike most other games) this is just perfect. You can play with others or alone as well.