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How To Use NoAdware™ Options - How
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This is very important. This step by step tutorial will show you the options of NoAdware™, how to scan, download updates and so on. Even though NoAdware™ software is so simply...

How To Use NoAdware™ Options

Step 1:

First open up NoAdware™ software and click on options
(Fig. 1.0).

Fig. 1.0 (click image to zoom-in)

Step 2:

Click on Settings and you'll see this window (Fig. 1.1).

Fig. 1.1 (click image to zoom-in)

Now make sure that the following are checked:
  1. Run at Windows startup
  2. Automatically save log-file
  3. Always request confirmation before remove spyware
  4. Automatically check for updates
Then click ok.

Step 3:

Click Options and click on ActiveX Shields and you'll see 
(Fig. 1.2).

Fig. 1.2 (click image to zoom-in)

Select Enable ActiveX Protection and click ok.

Step 4:

Click Options and click on Configure Shields and you'll see (Fig. 1.3).

Fig. 1.3 (click image to zoom-in)

Make sure that all options are checked apart from the Cookie Shields. For IE Homepage Shield you can put the following if you don't have nothing: about:blank or if your homepage is yahoo for example, type in or input whatever your favorite website is as your homepage in the box.

The Cookies Shields is of little importance and no risks with that - that's why it's recommened you leave it un checked.

Then click ok.

Step 5: (optional step)

Click Options and click on Scan Sheduling and you'll see 
(Fig. 1.4).

Fig. 1.4 (click image to zoom-in)

Scheduling a scan is not recommended. It is however recommended that you make a scan with the software once every 1 - 2 months. But this option allows you to do an automatic scan on a particular day for example Sunday and at a specific time for example 9pm. It obviously must be a date and time that your computer is turned On.

You must have NoAdware™ software running as well. By default it should be running whenever your computer is turned On if you followed the previous steps. You can also do a weekly or even daily scan and specify the time as well for these scans. Once done click ok.

Recommended: Uncheck Shedule a Scan and click ok.

Step 6:

Click Options and click on Scan Settings and you'll see 
(Fig. 1.5).

Fig. 1.5 (click image to zoom-in)

Make sure that these two options are checked:

Include Subfolders in Files/Folders scan
Include zip files in scan

For the other options you have a Smart System Scan and a Full System Scan.

We suggest you choose the Full System Scan - NoAdware™ will take longer to scan than the Smart System Scan but you only need to scan once every 1 - 2 months. 

Then click ok.

How To Do A Scan With NoAdware™ Software!

This is easily done by clicking on the SCAN MY PC button as the image below shows you:

anti adware start scan

To stop the scan if you need to; just click on STOP SCAN. This will completely stop the scan and if any spyware is found nothing can be removed if you stop it. It is recommended you let the software do it's job and it will display a message once it has finished scanning like this one:

scan complete message

Click ok. If NoAdware™ has found spyware or adware that has to be removed you'll see a message like this one:

(click image to zoom-in)

Click Yes. NoAdware™ will display another message. This one:

(click image to zoom-in)

Click Yes. NoAdware™ automatically does the backup and displays this message:

backup done image

Backup is done so that if something goes wrong you can restore the backup.

Click Yes. You'll see a message that tells you that Selected Items have been removed from your computer successfully.

However sometimes NoAdware™ needs to restart your computer in order to completely remove some of the spyware or adware. In that case you'll see this message:

(click image to zoom-in)

Click Ok and your computer will automatically restart.

Please Save any work you're doing and close all programs you're using before you click ok.

How To Scan Specific Folders!

This is another option that it's not recommended you use. But if you think you need to scan some folder - that folder ONLY - that you can click on the SCAN FILES/FOLDER, find the folder and click ok.

How To Do Download Updates!

You do not need to click on UPDATE PROTECTION because the previous STEPS you did on this page turned on a feature so that updates will be automatically downloaded. You'll see a message when there are new updates and you just click on OK. They will be automatically downloaded in 1-2 minutes or less.

How To Close The Software

If you click on File and click Exit or clicking the X button to close the software - NoAdware™ will keep running just the same. You will see an icon near your clock like this:

no adware icon

Even during a scan you can click on File and click Exit or click the X button - NoAdware™ will keep doing it's job near your clock.

If you need to close the software completely right click on the icon and you'll see this:

icon right click

Click on Exit to close the software.

It's highly recommended you NEVER close the software, because when you do the Real Time Protection can't work - NoAdware™ cannot protect your from spyware or adware you exist the software.

That's it, I hope you found this tutorial useful. All these features and options you can use whether you have the Free Trial or the Full Version. If you have the free trial you will not be able to remove spyware or adware that the software finds and detects.


Karl Smith
NoAdware TeamSM
Spyware Specialists

What People Are Saying About NoAdware™

“Let me express my thanks for NoAdware. Why do I do it? Because I want you to place it to your list of testimonials. I want people to know that after installing this software their computer won’t be attacked by unwanted garbage. Having NoAdware, people don’t need to look for another software of this type.”
Aron Rowan

"The NoAdware scan picked up approx 130 parasites which it dispatched instantly, probably the rubbish after over 3 years of surfing"
Nick Strongen
"After just purchasing your product, i couldn''t believe just how unintrusive it is, the program simply zips through the system and detects files that most internet users are totaly unaware off, it runs with a ''no mercy'' theme and does a brilliant job of elimination."
Tom Vinters
"I would like to thank you for your product. We had 18 parasites on our computer and after we ran your program our computer has operated so much smoother and the strange behavior and freezing has stopped. We are very happy."
Phil Bates

"I have a question. Do you have any products besides NoAdware? If yes how can I get demo or trial versions? I think that they're worth taking a closer look. If your other products are as smart as your NoAdware, I'd be happy to buy them."

James Walker

"To say the truth, I can't say that I'm a power user, I'm a newbie in computers. And your program came in handy. Some programs are unintelligible to me, but NoAdware is quite user-friendly. I made it out within 10 minutes and scanned my computer. Fortunately, no spyware was found."

Carl White

"Thank you! I don't want to use lofty phrases; I just want to encourage you in your further work. Please go on creating powerful and useful tools like this one. You're doing an important job, don't stop guys!"
Kevin Davis

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