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Flip Camera Review

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Posted by: Karl Smith on May 1, 2011

Flip Camera Review

I’ve won one last year, would you like to know my thoughts on it? Well, there’s more good than bad of course. There are many types of flip cameras, the one I have is around $109.99. It’s Flip Ultra.

Actually the only “bad” thing is that you can only keep it on for around an hour, then you have to recharge batteries. That’s very frustrating to me, and it limits you in many different ways. However there are other Flip versions which can withstand up to two hours, yet they cost almost $200.

Flip Camera

But apart from that, there’s many nice to say:

* Easy to carry it around, fits in your pocket.

* It can connect it to computer, it comes with a software, so you can move videos on your computer very easily.

* You can use it to take pictures, first take a video then use the software to take “snapshots” of the video, that’s how I created my picture I have on this blog (see top right)  :) I did edited the picture even more of course using other tools to make the background blue.

Other features: It comes with a nice pocket you can insert it in it, but I think you can’t use this camera to go on vacation… because within an hour you have to recharge, I don’t know about you but in one hour how much can you take? Not to mention you need where to recharge.

On the Flip website at: http://www.theflip.com you can also design your own flip, means select it’s colours, etc. They also have other Flip Cameras such as the Flip Mino which seems very similar to Flip Ultra.

There’s not much more to say, it’s very easy to use, press Red button to record, of course it records sound too, and it’s very good as well as video quality is very good.

But like I said, one “problem”, you can only use it for 1 hour before you have to recharge the batteries (it takes 2 pencil batteries). There’s an indicator too that tells you the level of your battery so you know when it needs to be recharged. But I personally find this frustrating because 1 hour is extremely little.

You can’t recharge with computer, because it uses batteries.

I got it for FREE like I said, because I won a contest so I can’t really tell if it’s worth the money because I did not pay for it :)

MP3 players don’t use batteries, so if the Flip Camera worked like an MP3 player where you simple recharge it on your computer (without the need for batteries) will be much better.

An accident shows that Flip can withstand a certain degree of “pain” :) When I was extremely happy with it, I used to carry it around, everywhere… even in the bathroom. Once I forgot it in a cold day outside, the room after 20 minutes became full of steam. The flip therefore become wet, yet it kept working fine from that day onwards too.

Unfortunately I dropped it on the floor quite a few times too, it withstand that type of pain (although I’m not recommending doing that of course).

All in all it’s good to get it for free lol Would I purchase it if I didn’t own one? The answer is YES! For my needs it’s perfect.

Flip Camera Review

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