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To People Who Want To Use Email But Cannot Stop Spam, Scams and Phishing!

Spam, scams and phishing are three different topics but very similar to each other. They all related to email. Basically they are all junk/unwanted email.


These are emails you receive from people trying to steal your money in most cases. They want your money!

eBay scams is very common. These people are also known as scammers and they send out fake emails pretending to be from eBay.

There are many different type of scams we will not go in detail. The advantage is the fact that with certain type of knowledge you can identify any scam and any real email.

I explain how you identify scams (eBay or any type of scam) Reading these to memory will help you remember them easily and you figure the next scam email you receive instantly!

The FOUR SIGNS – These are signs that give a 99.9% probability the email is a scam.

FIRST: Scammers do not welcome you by name as long as it is not some of your friends or loved ones. Usually scam emails start with something like: Dear Sir, Hello, Hi, Dear member, Hi friend, Dear loved one.

SECOND: They do not have an opt out link. This is a link that allows you to easily unsubscribe from the list. This must be a link not something like:

Reply to be removed from our list

Sometimes real newsletters have a little title above this link that says: To unsubscribe click this link.

THIRD: They are totally unknown to you. Sometimes a scammer send you an email and make it sound very friendly. However these same people have stole your email. If you don’t know the person who send you an email no matter how polite or patient he/she looks they are scammers.

FOURTH: Lottery related emails or winning notifications. Do not try to contact them to check out if they are scams. That way you may make things worse.

Your in box is filled with crap everyday. Not all emails you receive should be treated as if they are from people that know you. It is not that way unfortunately. Now you need to delete emails you don’t know who the hell is the sender if you want to stay safe. Do not try to check who he is. Judge from his email or name only.

Clicking links inside emails can be dangerous. They may have viruses..

Even if you notice just one warning sign you should take safety steps. If you are not totally sure if it is fake keep in mind these tips:

If it is an email from eBay. Visit your eBay account by opening your browsers (Internet explorer or whatever you use) and visit eBay.

Type in

Never click on links inside your email messages if you are not 100% sure email is safe.

Never reply to the email, phone, fax or mail them if you are not 100% sure email is safe. Don’t do it not even to test if it is a scam. Use other methods to test like the examples below:

Whatever messages you receive by email eBay will also store them inside your eBay account. If the email you received inside your inbox is not in your eBay account it is a scam. Nowadays these companies are avoiding sending email due to spam – instead they have the new system where they send you email directly to your account not to your email account.

If it is an email from paypal or a bank do the above steps again (login to your account – real messages should also be in your paypal/bank account inbox) if you have an account with them.

If you receive an email from a bank which you are not familiar with that it is obvious it is a scam.

Some scams are very easy to identify like lottery scams. If you never played before the Australian lottery how come you won?

Now you also need the best email client to send and receive emails. I suggest after testing Yahoo Mail, Hot mail, Mail up, Ad post and got feedback from a lot of people. shows the best protection against spams, scams and bad email. It moves all spam to the spam folder and it is the most accurate.

Get your free Gmail account.

Simple fill in the information like first name, last name and country.

Important information for people buying or selling on eBay.

1) You should never pay using money transfer services such as Western Union. Read article on eBay Website directly from Western Union Team and MoneyGram International.

You should also check out other important eBay articles if you are new to eBay. Even if you already purchased before it is safe to read the tips from eBay.

To recap:

Try to remember the Four SIGNS so when you receive an email you instantly know if it is a fake or real email.

Use a Gmail account instead of Yahoo Mail, Hot mail, Ad post and all the others. Test results show it is the best against fake emails and has all the other features others have as well.

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