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Before you get to know the current best software let's explain the two types of anti spyware and key-logger soft that exist!

First type have 2 main features: A scanner as well as real time protection... You can call them Type 1.

Second type have only a scanner. You can call them Type 2.

Why should you care?

Because you cannot have more than one software of the first type or else they won't work well together  - they conflict with each other. However you can have as many software of the second type as you want!

That is crucial to understand...

First Type:
Anti Virus software with
Real Time Protection & Scanner

Microsoft Security Essentials - this is totally free software from Microsoft.

That software is all you need for Internet Security against viruses!

Just install it, and it will protect your computer, and approximately once a month remember to run a scan with it! Make sure to remove any other security software that have real time protection that you may have!

First Type:
Anti Malware software with
Real Time Protection & Scanner

This software specializes against malware (not viruses) They are two different kinds of "bad objects"!

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro - This is the one software I recommend you pay for but the free version is enough just the same! The free version does not has real time protection so it won't conflict with Microsoft Security Essentials. The pro version does have real time protection and can conflict with MSE but there are some tweaks you can make to avoid this, read them at this link in Malwarebytes forum!

...Here's a Recap

Microsoft Security Essentials (100% free) - Software of first type, it has real time protection and a scanner. The only thing you need.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Software of first type, free or paid version, free version is enough, use free version as an extra scanner (only pro version has real time protection).

If your computer has those two only your computer is in safe hands, even if for Malwarebytes you get the free version not the pro one!

Second Type:
Software with just a Scanner

This are like icing sugar to the cake - these won't protect your computer unless you use them to make a scan! Meaning they don't have real time protection, this also means they won't conflict with Microsoft Security Essentials or Malwarebytes or any other software which has real time protection!

That also means you can download as many of these as you want, although remember they take up hard disk space!

Here are some good ones:

Malicious Software Removal Tool - This is a free software from Microsoft and you get a new version of it every month (automatically with Windows Update) - just open it and scan with it. To open it click Start and type in MRT and then click on MRT application.

If you think you don't have it you can download it from Microsoft Site.

ESET Free Online Scanner - This is another scanner specialized to detect viruses!

Spybot Search & Destroy - this does have real time protection but you can disable it, read the manual or check their forums to learn how to disable the real time protection!

And there are more.

My tip: Download just 1 of these unless your computer has problems which may be traced to a virus/spyware in which case it's a good idea to download more than 1 scanner.

Web-Browser Protection

This software protects your browser (which is the tool you use to access the Internet, e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc) when you're buying online, logging in to websites, etc.

Trusteer Rapport - This free software is a browser extension, meaning it's installed to your browser to help protect your login passwords, when you're buying etc. Watch the video on their website to see how this protects you. It's absolutely free and works on all browsers!

Computer Maintenance Software

This is simple: Just use the tools equipped with your computer, if it's Windows then you have Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter. Avoid registry cleaners, uninstallers, driver updaters or the so called PC tune ups - they're extermely risky tools!

The less you do the better! If your computer has problems then seek profesional advice, don't start downloading software that promise to fix - case in point device drivers, if your PC does not have problems just don't update anything - use Windows Update their recommended updates only.

Final Special Note

It's highly important that you read the manual and/or instructions on their forum to learn how to use any software properly and more importantly safely!

Good Luck,

Jack Sarlo

P.S. Here are some other free software, these are used to test your computer but ONLY if your computer has problems! If it's fine just forget about these!!

Crystal Disk - this software will test your hard disk!
Core Temp - this software will tell you the temparature of your computer!
MemTest86 - this tests your computer memory!
Speccy - this software will tell you every detail about your computer specifications, e.g. manufacturere, amount of RAM you have, etc!

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